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Brands of kegerator

Everyone who loves beer would agree with this undeniable crafted fact that goes thus “the secret behind a smooth, good taste and perfectly carbonated beer, is a standard kegerator” the originality in your draft beer is produced by that perfectly working kegerator. In a layman’s term,  a kegerator is a machine that dispenses Cold draft […]

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Best Mini Kegerators

Basically, all beer  and fun lovers around the world like to chill out and cool off stress or have a party with their loved ones,  friends, co-workers, girl friend and outsiders to grab a chilled bottle In a pub, bar or a club whatsoever. Private  bars can also be the ideal locations for a date […]

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Find Out the Best Home Kegerator

For people who love beer and would like to have freshly draught beer at home, owning a kegerator is something that can make them happy. This type of home appliance will enable beer enthusiasts to have a steady flow of beer supply at home so they can easily pour themselves a glass of cold beer […]

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SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator & Dispenser Review

When you think Kegerator oneself is prone to instantly flies off the handle and start envisioning belt-high ice-boxes with a price tag of 700 or more. Well, luckily, we live in the 21st century, a time where micro is what’s hip. SPT is an appliance company that has a clear obsession with countertop doodads. From […]

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Best Kegerators

In the world of toys for boys, or dolls for dames, there is an article of consumer cocaine that hits the right bell in our cerebral cortex. One all mighty product that makes us jump with glee, exhilaration and all manner of happy feelings in our nether regions. No matter our line of job, our […]

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Cost Of Owning A Kegerator

When it comes to our beer, to that very mana of the Gods that allows us to waddle through the day to day dullness of life one simply cannot be frugal; why take a gamble and cheap-change the deities? Why play fast and lose with your own sanity? Why, for all that you hold dear […]

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