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In the world of toys for boys, or dolls for dames, there is an article of consumer cocaine that hits the right bell in our cerebral cortex. One all mighty product that makes us jump with glee, exhilaration and all manner of happy feelings in our nether regions.

No matter our line of job, our socio-economic stepping stone, no matter our preferences or our buying options, the second we see one is the very second we want one.

And what pray-tell is the coveted consumer good? The one, the only, the very pinnacle that tells everyone we’ve finally hit the top of the mountain and fulfilled out destiny on this planet… the KEGERATOR.

“The what?” You possibly go and ask.

Well, for those luddites not in the known, let’s etymology the hell out of that word. Let’s put our linguistics professor hat’s on and plug the stem of that unit of communication.

Keg: – noun. Origin, 1585; cag (Old Norse) A small cask or barrel, usually holding from 5 to 10 gallons. Also, in modern times, a pressurized metal barrel with a valve at one end, used to store and dispense beer.

Erator: Suffix of Refrigerator.

So that, boys and girls, now getting the gist of this sorority flashback inspired article, is what a Kegerator is… Basically the late Jim Belushi’s bestes bud  and quite possibly that one item of home appliance that might end up gifting you with more glee than your new HD television.

Let’s take a look at the best of the best in the market right now.

KegCo’s K309SS-1 Full Sized Digital Kegerator

KegCo is one of the top beverage factories in the world. It’s quality controlled products, built to last the coming apocalypse, have been designed not only for the Beer Enthusiast but for the user with a big heart and a small brain. They are durable, attractive and best of all highly practical; you won’t need a degree in rocket science to figure out how their thinking works.

KegCo’s caliber of products, along with their customer service, has shelved the company on the top-tiers of the food and beverage industry. Their comercial grade beer refrigerators and even home designed Kegerators stand the rigors of the busiest restaurants and bars.

The K309SS is one of the most sought after Kegerators in the market. It is an elegant and energy efficient freestanding refrigerator with all manner of digital doodads plugged into its surface.


  • KegCo’s K309SS-1 comes in two color: Stainless steel or matte black.
  • Includes a Complete Keg Tapping Kit: unlike other Kegerators in the market, KegCo tries to go the distant for its clients; including in its handsome model a bevy of thingamajigs you might need to get the suds flowing and the party rocking: brand new 5lb. aluminium CO2 Tank, a CO2 regulator, 5 feet of line with clamps, D system keg coupler and a fancy chrome plated metal faucet with two exits.
  • Large Interior.
  • Easy to clean drip tray.
  • Chrome guard rail that keeps your mug safe.
  • Easy rolling casters/wheels with lock position, for rolling your beauty around.
  • Digital temperature display, with simple push dials, that allows you to control its powerful cooling tech’.
  • DEEP CHILL BUTTON function that forces the compressor to work until your warm keg is cool as ice.


  • The large interior is spacious enough to fit one full size – the party is never going to stop keg – or two 5 gallon D System Kegs. This last option gifts this product the versatility necessary to dispense at any given moment more than one type of beer; Why settle for just an exotic IPA when you can also add a foamy Stout?
  • Fan Forced Culling System: One of the fastest fans and cooling systems in the market right now.
  • Digital Temp’ control


  • You can’t replace the faucets due to the fact that the shanks supplied aren’t standard sized.
  • Leaky regulators on some units.

EDGESTAR KC2000SSTWINHBKG Ultra Low Temp Home Brew Dual Tap Kegerator with Kegs

Edgestar is a subsidiary of one of the largest consumer appliances and indoor air quality manufacturing companies in the world; LIVING DIRECT.

Living Direct, founded in the mid 90’s, has an umbrella of corporations all based on the philosophy that quality and user experience are the key to a multi-million dollar business plan; a mantra that so far has not let them down.

From ice makers, wine coolers, dehumidifiers and even lawn and garden furniture, the Austin, Texas, based big-shot does everything with a gusto and flair. A panache and passion that few other of its peers display.

This Kegerator is one of their crowing achievements. Created and manufactured with the home user in mind but with a lofty view of its comercial possibilities, the KC2000 is ideal for the seasoned brew lover or the part time bar owner that’s just getting his start. Excellent value, quality materials and a fancy veneer exterior that’s not eye-catching but practical.


  • Can reach temperatures as los as 30s degrees in a flash.
  • NSF-approved fixtures and lines.
  • Two piece easy clean drip tray.
  • Chrome safety rail and tower.
  • Two faucets.
  • Two empty kegs as gifts.
  • Homebrew conversion kit.
  • Reversibel door.
  • External tank mount.
  • Comes in black and stainless steel.


  • It’s one of the coldest kegerators in the market.
  • Excellent bang for your buck (value wise).
  • Accepts of manners and sizes of kegs (fully size, pony kegs, slim-pony keg, etc).
  • can hold up to 5 five gallon kegs at a time or one full keg.
  • Zero noise level.
  • Comes with two retrofitted kegs.


  • The retrofitted Kegs aren’t top of the line.
  • Some units don’t come with the necessary manuals.

Kegco Full-Size Digital Homebrew Kegerator Triple Faucet Stainless with Ball Lock Kegs

Let’s edge on down back to KegCo, we’ve covered a bit of the competition now we might as well pony up and sling our saddle to the best horse in the race. The truth of the matter is the KegCo is without a doubt one of the finest companies to jump on the kegerator craze. They happily dashed unto the train with the gusto of a hobo going to Miami Beach.

KegCo’s full size digital home-brew kegerator is the grand-pappy of all other kegerators. This is the Godzilla of kegerator, quite possibly the king of the hill.

This 3 faucet kegerator should in all earnest require a liquor license to operate; it’s the pro’ and just a step shy of a full blow pub beer dispenser. You might be paying a king’s ransom, but rest assure that you’ll be going to bed with the finest princess in the land.


  • Precise digital temperature control that allows you to adjust the climate by increments of 1 degree.
  • A versatile keg cooler that can not only ferment, but for those homebrewers, also ferment beer.
  • Huge interior: you can store a 6 gallon bucket, wines, and other beverages inside.
  • Deep Chill function.
  • Convertes to a 2 shelve refrigerator.
  • Three independent faucets that allow you to sprinkle about three different types of ales.
  • Includes, as a freebie, three empty five gallon kegs.


  • It’s a professional’s kegerator.
  • You can mount the CO2 tanks in the back.
  • Comes with a ball lock (for those tricky pin-lock style kegs).
  • Three faucet system.
  • Energy efficient.
  • You can use it to dispense or store wine.
  • Turns into a fridge in a flash.
  • includes 3 empty kegs.


  • You’ll have to buy a coupler to fit a full size keg.
  • This is a pricey fella’. There’s no way around it, you are buying the best… so expect to pay for the best.
  • You will find the need to dish out an extra buck or two for couplers so it fits all name brand kegs.

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