Kegco Ultimate Door Mount Kegerator 2 Tap Conversion Kit – No Tank – EBUCK2-NT Review

There are many who wish to convert their old refrigerator into their personal kegerator that can dispense draft beer anytime. However, because a lot of people find the entire process quite complicated, they give DIY a skip and eventually the plan remains on the backburner.
It is high time this issue was resolved for good and hence, you now have the new Kegco Ultimate Door Mount Kegerator 2 Tap Conversion Kit – No Tank – EBUCK2-NT that will allow you to install the entire apparatus rather easily, provided you follow every instruction carefully. For example, the kit will have hoses and you will be instructed to use hot water to loosen them. Follow the tip carefully and you will see that it really works.
Assembling the different parts may seem arduous but if you do it diligently, chances are that you could be over and done with it in almost an hour.
Below, we have discussed the key features, advantages, disadvantages, and our final verdict on the Kegco Ultimate Door Mount Kegerator 2 Tap Conversion Kit – No Tank – EBUCK2-NT:
# Kegco 762-2 Dual Gauge Regulator – It has a T-style adjustment valve that allows you to alter the pressure inside a keg easily. Whereas the top gauge signifies the CO2 pressure in a keg, the side one tells you about the amount of CO2 left. With the Y splitter and the two separate shut-off valves, you can fill up two kegs with draft beer at the same pressure.
# Two Kegco ‘D’ System Keg Couplers – These are made of solid, forged, and nickel-plated brass bodies along with stainless steel probes and can be used with virtually any domestically made keg. While the lever handle design makes for easy use, the 55-psi pressure relief valves ensure safety.
# Kegco Wall Mount Drip Tray – It is 10 inches wide, has a clean design, and is made of stainless steel, which means no mess at all. The backsplash has two conveniently drilled screw holes that make installation a breeze. When it’s cleaning time, you can remove the top vent without any difficulty. The tray, however, is devoid of a drain and you will have to empty it on your own.
# Kegco Hand Pump Cleaning Kit – Your beer lines will have to be cleaned from time to time and that is what this cleaning kit is meant for. But the good thing is you won’t have to remove the faucet to do the cleaning. The cleaning bottle in the kit consists of Kegco beer line cleaner, which is 100% biodegradable and nitrate-free and has a low amount of phosphate. And with the nylon brush, you won’t have any difficulty in removing dirt and filth from your beer faucet.
# Heavy Duty Faucet Wrench – This one comes in very handy when you have to make repairs or do adjustments. The easy grip lets you tighten or loosen shank collars conveniently, thereby ensuring that the faucets you remove or attach do not sustain any scratches.   
All in all, the Kegco Ultimate Door Mount Kegerator 2 Tap Conversion Kit – No Tank – EBUCK2-NT makes for a good investment and shall give you the most bang for your buck. Speedy delivery is also something you can expect when you order this kit. Moreover, all the components supplied in the kit are high-quality and first-rate.
You need not even buy a separate CO2 bottle and you’ll just have to get the one that you will be supplied with refilled. The quality customer service will prove to be of immense help when you have any doubt or complaint.
You may have to buy a thing or two separately to ready that perfect draft beer- dispensing kegerator. For example, you might need a longer beer line if the one you receive isn’t long enough.
If the special wrench meant for tightening or loosening the faucet does not serve its purpose well, you might have to buy a separate one. The plastic clamps could be too small or too big and may probably prove to be worthless.
Chances are that at some point, the regulator may begin to malfunction or any of the tools provided in the kit could prove to be faulty. However, the good thing is that remedial action can be taken fast as a result of the prompt customer service and the yearlong warranty.
The bottom line is the Kegco Ultimate Door Mount Kegerator 2 Tap Conversion Kit – No Tank – EBUCK2-NT comes with its shares of pros and cons. It’s not flawless by any means but its merits far exceed its shortcomings, which makes the kit worth opting for, especially if you have been dying to modify your fridge and transform it into a customized kegerator. To learn more and to look at current pricing check out Amazon.
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