Brands of kegerator

Everyone who loves beer would agree with this undeniable crafted fact that goes thus “the secret behind a smooth, good taste and perfectly carbonated beer, is a standard kegerator” the originality in your draft beer is produced by that perfectly working kegerator. In a layman’s term,  a kegerator is a machine that dispenses Cold draft beer of a smooth texture.

As the name implies, a kegerator is a fully kitted keg in a refrigerator  that consists of a tower cooler which ensures your beer is cold when served anytime.  A Dual gauge Co2 pressure regulator for adequate and maintained carbonation so that your beer doesn’t come too foamy or in little or no foam, a beer line attached to the keg and is sent up to the beer tower that dispenses your beer in single,  double or multiple faucets depending on the brand.

Reasons why you need a kegerator

  • It ensures adequate carbonation
  • Simple to use and easy to setup
  • Saves you the cost of buying stale draft beer
  • Keeps the originality of your brewed beer in a chilled state and does not alter the taste
  • Makes you the life of the party when it’s time to turn up

Basically, a kegerator is required to dispense chilled drink regardless od the nature,  either from a manufacturer or a hand made. The beauty and pride of a kegerator is lost when it no longer dispense cold draft beer.

Different brands of kegerator from different manufacturers are much available.Considering your choice of kegerator you might like it to come in a large size of up to 5 gallon if you’re a party animal or a much lesser container lesser than that.

The faucets or a kegerator also varies as it comes in a single faucet,  some are doubled and other are more than three.

The simplicity and usefulness of kegerators are much appreciated by pub and local bar owners.  Most of them pride their beer to be the best since they have this device that is the secret behind people patronizing them.

You  can also get and acclaim all the applause from fellas anytime it’s time to turn up at your place. All you need to know about brands of kegerator are much elaborated here.

Kegerators are available  in any form and size as the producers have painstakingly produced they for your own comfort.  You can decide to go for products like:

  • Edgestar
  • Nostalgia products group
  • Versonel

Many other nicely built kegerator brands but for the compared characteristics and similar traits these brands have been selected:

Edgestar kegerators:

Built to last and quality experienced put together in making this brand of kegerator and beer dispenser has been proven and certified to last and perhaps your kids might as well have them as their inheritance. Most Edgestar kegerators have in-built thermostats that maintains an ultra-low temperature,for effective cooling, this makes Edgestar one of the best cold kegerator products in stores.

They also build spacious kegerators that can conveniently accommodate containers that can serve out 40-120 pints; courtesy of the Co2 gas being attached at the back of these kegerators also coming with single or double faucets.

You might as well like the fact that these products are mobile and can be moved except for the built-ins.They are very easy to put together.

KEGCO kegerators :

Known to be the best cooling kegerator brand, KEGCO producers have studied complaints and are now improving massively in their new products of recent.  One of which is the highly unusual automatic digital cooling features  that has been introduced to serve your beer as your tongue and mouth wants it.

Too good a feature indeed that you can help yourself make the cooling change by just pressing a button. It also have deep chill features that can easily chill warm beer and comes in multiple faucets so the enjoyment can be for one individual or delayed.

If you’re buying this, be rest assure that you can store a container as large as two or three Cornelius keg.  Yes, you can also settle for less as they have a lesser kegerators too.

Who wants to settle for less anyway? Maybe a lone ranger. These brands are also mobile and can be locked when they’re in a fixed position , youdon’t have to worry about wet floors  because beer litters now drain into a segment where they can be easily collected in the kegerator for disposal.

Nostalgia products group :

Keep your party glowing and continue making the headlines on fellas lips with these multiple faucets and very spacious kegerators that makes you worry less on the cold state of your beer and importantly your beer carbonation.  Unlike most brands,  Nostalgia products come with a double gauge Co2 pressure regulator that helps tosave draft beer and reduces the foam to a reasonable extent.

Coming with a spacious interior also you need not to worry about beer shortage when you have more crowd. It keeps  the beer taste  and also maintains the cold state for a period of time even when there’s no power supply.

The beer line are long and durable to pass out beer to the beer tower and long lasting tower cooler that ensures your beer is always cold Is always present with these products. 


This brand is majorly known for designing and building durable and fashionable and attractive products to fit stylishly fit into your home and it’s durable assurance is the top secret to why you need to get one.

This is not  a far fetched reason why pub and local bar owners have them to serve beer consumers smooth and cold draft beer.  Spacious as usual and  can sustain temperature between 30-40 degrees. That’s what every consumer wants.

Finally,  kegerator brands can simultaneously acts as brewers. This feature is dependent on the brand producers.  There’s a lot more you can get out of these kegerators.  Who knows if the pub you patronize is an unhealthy one.

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