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How To Build A Fridge Kegerator

How to build a fridge kegerator Let’s admit it; we all love draft beer! There is nothing like enjoying a frosty pint in the comfort of your home. While the thought fills us with excitement, the cost of kegerators becomes a real downer. But what if we told you that you can turn your fridge […]

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Kegerator Dimensions: What You Should Know

For many, Kegerator is often a confusing word as it is relatively a new term. It is a combination of two words, keg and refrigerator, that is used for keeping liquid drinks like beer chilled. Kegerator comes with the basic box-shaped design but available in different sizes and types; all used to keep beer chilled […]

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EdgeStar KC3000 Full-Size Kegerator Review

What can be more relaxing than a nice, cold and frosty can of beer? If you love your beer, cold and tasty, a kegerator is something you definitely need. So what exactly is a kegerator? Think of it like a small sized refrigerator dedicated to beer storage. The kegerator comes with a tap, a faucet, […]

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Best Kegerator Under 500: Pocket-Friendly Choices

Keg refrigerators have become a necessity these days, be it at home or for commercial use. As more and more people require kegerators, their prices have sky-rocketed. Currently, many people are on the look, but cannot afford one due to this reason. If you are looking for the best kegerator under 500, we can help […]

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Brands of kegerator

Everyone who loves beer would agree with this undeniable crafted fact that goes thus “the secret behind a smooth, good taste and perfectly carbonated beer, is a standard kegerator” the originality in your draft beer is produced by that perfectly working kegerator. In a layman’s term,  a kegerator is a machine that dispenses Cold draft […]

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Best Mini Kegerators

Basically, all beer  and fun lovers around the world like to chill out and cool off stress or have a party with their loved ones,  friends, co-workers, girl friend and outsiders to grab a chilled bottle In a pub, bar or a club whatsoever. Private  bars can also be the ideal locations for a date […]

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