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Do You Save Money With A Kegerator?

If you’re in the Western Hemisphere and you drink beer, chances are you like it cold. Sure, it’s easy to keep a can of your favorite brewsky cold in a refrigerator, but think about something larger, like a keg. That is too big for the refrigerator, so a kegerator might be the solution, yet it […]

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What’s the Difference Between Cask Ale and Keg Beer?

The difference between cask ale and keg beer has got to do with how they are stored. Casks and kegs are types of containers in which beer is stored, the other two being cans and bottles. Each kind of container protects beer in its own way and the degree of success often varies. Interestingly, the […]

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How To Clean A Kegerator Without A Kit

Cleaning a kegerator without a proper kit isn’t difficult or impossible. However, some essentials are a must and you actually can’t do without them. I will discuss these in detail later. Now as far cleaning a kegerator and going the DIY way is concerned, you just have to remember that the whole process is divided […]

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How To Build A Fridge Kegerator

How to build a fridge kegerator Let’s admit it; we all love draft beer! There is nothing like enjoying a frosty pint in the comfort of your home. While the thought fills us with excitement, the cost of kegerators becomes a real downer. But what if we told you that you can turn your fridge […]

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Kegerator Dimensions: What You Should Know

For many, Kegerator is often a confusing word as it is relatively a new term. It is a combination of two words, keg and refrigerator, that is used for keeping liquid drinks like beer chilled. Kegerator comes with the basic box-shaped design but available in different sizes and types; all used to keep beer chilled […]

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EdgeStar KC3000 Full-Size Kegerator Review

What can be more relaxing than a nice, cold and frosty can of beer? If you love your beer, cold and tasty, a kegerator is something you definitely need. So what exactly is a kegerator? Think of it like a small sized refrigerator dedicated to beer storage. The kegerator comes with a tap, a faucet, […]

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Best Kegerator Under 500: Pocket-Friendly Choices

Keg refrigerators have become a necessity these days, be it at home or for commercial use. As more and more people require kegerators, their prices have sky-rocketed. Currently, many people are on the look, but cannot afford one due to this reason. If you are looking for the best kegerator under 500, we can help […]

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