Draft Brewer Single Homebrew Kegging System for Home Brew Beer – with Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator and a Single Ball Lock Keg Review

Everyone loves beer isn’t it?  We all want to have a great time together,  hangout, throw a party with friends and be merry all the time even out of busy schedules. We all love the fun, unity and happiness we derive from gatheringtogether at every function to enjoy a cold chilled  beer conveniently.

What if you can’t decide the choice of beer you take at every party and all you have to do is sit down and have the available brand whether suitable for you or not. This happens at most times to us and it is undeniable that we do miss the derived taste we ought to get from our cold bottle or pint.

You need to get more out of the fun, more from your drink, all the good taste and feeling from the desired fun does not always have to pass you by just because you don’t have an option. Do you know you can own a mini brewer?

Don’t be too serious you heard me well. Yes, you can and right in your own house and under your roof you can brew your desired beer to your perfect taste to look like that actual finely  brewed brand you prefer buying.

Like every other fruit juice machine, and fruit blenders, there’s a machine for you too as a beer lover,  so you don’t have to wait for days if your brand isn’t available in the pub, bar or within that circle where you’re invited. You have an edge with the popularly known pioneer set of taproom in a box.

With this mini brewer, who says you cant be the life of the party?  You can even be a life saver too with this thing. What makes you different from a brewery manager when you have a 5-gallon sized keg to convert into a chilled substance with the finest taste, smooth texture and not also loosing it’s originality with the combined sophisticated machine built to last just for you.

Additionally,  you can also have your brand of beer not changing it’s taste with the all in one world class technology improved tool, and with this your bar issaid to be complete and good to go.


  • A strong antirust and large 5-gallon keg with a ball lock
  • A standard co2 pressure regulator that comes with a lasting dual gauge
  • A solid draft beer line for passing your brew in a keg
  • Comes with an average weight of 13 pounds
  • Installation and maintenance guide
  • A fair warranty and customer support service
  • Perfect Co2 gas line
  • Average height of 26 inches


  • In a couple of days, more batches can be brewed. Takes a number of 1-2 days and saves more time while brewing
  • The double gauge helps to maintain the normal pressure required for brewing
  • Does not brew over carbonated or under carbonated drink
  • Has a quick setup process and also easy to maintain
  • Less stressful while sanitizing
  • Your brewery wont produce a metallic beer
  • Your beer is easily ready to serve after immediate brewing
  • Ideal carbonation that prevents bottle bombs
  • Certified and retained finely homemade beer taste with a smooth texture
  • Can be useful for crowded party


  • No Co2 tank included in the pack so it’s quite hard to get a fitted one
  • Unfit gas tank might cause a failure in brewing process
  • Regulator goes faulty too much after about several use


Concluding on the already available pros and features, the draft brewer single homebrew kegging system can also fit into your refrigerator conveniently when setting up a kegerator, all you need do is to connect the beer line to a beer tower into and you’re good to go.

It saves you the cost of purchasing a keg for transferring the already brewed beer and makes your beer readily available in a perfect Co2 blended nature. This helps to decrease the foam and gives you more beer.


A standard product of highly unusual quality like this would be expected to be lot more competitive out there in stores. Comparing this distinctive machine for homemade beer with other products in the same niche would be a lot more technical, from the perfect and tested co2 pressure regulator that makes your beer comes in maintained carbonated form.

This is a huge talking point on its own to the large 5-gallon container that doesn’t alter a change in the taste of your beerand the lesser time it takes to brew your beer into a loving , refreshing drink coupled with some other stand out qualities you’ll be missing unless you have it in your home.

You’ll only have to weigh up this product with others because of its single tank which can either be larger or smaller when compared to the double tank brewers. Aside that,  You definitely have no genuine option to get a lesser quality product.


Finally and conclusively,  there’s nothing stopping you from being the life of a party whenever you turn up with friends if you going for this product.  Also,  you’re taking a huge step in becoming everyone’s best friend because you have what can make them happy and have fun all day.

is indeed durable and suitable for use anywhere you want it,  both indoor  and outdoor. You shouldn’t be too surprised if you finally found out this draft brewer is the secret behind you choosing a favorite spot to have fun out there.

Why can’t you personally make yourself a good homebrew beer when you already know the perfect draft brewer is out there and easy to get. Don’t ever give it a second thought or allow doubt to conquer the desired fulfilment you get in homebrew beer you can make for yourself. You can’t afford to settle for anything less than quality.

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