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EdgeStar KC3000 Full-Size Kegerator Review

What can be more relaxing than a nice, cold and frosty can of beer? If you love your beer, cold and tasty, a kegerator is something you definitely need. So what exactly is a kegerator? Think of it like a small sized refrigerator dedicated to beer storage. The kegerator comes with a tap, a faucet, […]

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SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator & Dispenser Review

When you think Kegerator oneself is prone to instantly flies off the handle and start envisioning belt-high ice-boxes with a price tag of 700 or more. Well, luckily, we live in the 21st century, a time where micro is what’s hip. SPT is an appliance company that has a clear obsession with countertop doodads. From […]

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Midea WHS-199BB1 Compact Single Door Kegaretor Review

For any beer lover or homebrewer, having a Kegerator is one of the most important things – not just to keep their beer fresh for a long time, but also to display their true passion for beer. There are many options of Kegerators one can choose from and one of them is Midea WHS-199BB1 Compact […]

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EdgeStar Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator Review

Kegerators are a boon for beer lovers. However, buying a freshly made Kegerator just doesn’t fit everyone’s budget. So the popular idea is to reconfigure an old refrigerator using a Kegerator conversion kit. It works just like a new one and the cost cut downs are huge. All you need to have is an old […]

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Kegco Full-Size Digital Homebrew Kegerator Review

Kegco Full Size Digital comes with a heap of benefits to suite your taste bud. Its sleek black color design makes it a sure sight in the home or your private office. Buying this product will make it easy on your pocket and you can get your beer wholesale ready during the time you are […]

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