Kegco Homebrew Kegerator Dual Faucet Ball Lock Keg Dispenser Stainless Steel Review

One of the best amongst other brands that has stood the test of time and have also proven to be a standout product despite much competition between other brands and manufacturers, have also lately revealed to beer consumers that they can  have their own draft beer kegerator or a mini brewer right in their home, rather that waiting for a pub to open, or facing disappointments of unavailability or beer shortage and less carbonated beer.

Additionally, you don’t have to wait for a house party elsewhere before you can enjoy the smoothness and fine taste from the draft beer you desire most. Many homemade kegerators have failed in this test and have been one of the major cause of beer shortage and wastage.

Aside that, inadequate carbonation of beer in its warm nature cannot be shared and bottled beer can go stale with these machines.

Apart from homemade kegerators, some few products  have come short of consumers appreciation that’s why KEGCO producers have studied those defects and came up with an improved world class machine that can stand any condition and have all qualities required of a standard kegerator.

Yes you can now enjoy the quality of your money  at your own convince and also choose to have your draft beer anyhow you want it.  The KEGCO homebrew kegerator dual faucet ball lock keg dispenser Stainless Steel[/easyazon_link] is back and better with smart and exciting features.

You can be rest assured with no worries because your beer would be best served is well carbonated statewith the premium dual gauge regulator featuring with no extra cost. For a spacious interior,  you can put your mind at rest because the beer never finishes  with a space that can contain up to three ball lock kegs and with that,  your party never goes dry.

The kegerator can also be converted into an all food and beverage store and refrigerator with an two attached shelves coming with it.  A durable product that can last you for years and also be used fora mini brewer.

Outstanding features that would thrill and get both you and friends amazed.  Surprisingly,  it comes in a moveable form.

Moving  away from that,there’s no cause for alarm and you don’t need to bother about a long  queue  with a double faucet beer tower on top that has a guard rail to prevent beer spillage and dispenses your beer conveniently his KEGCO kegerator comes with qualities you would love.


  • Super efficient cooling technology and that regulates the temperature of your refrigerator/kegerator
  • Double faucet tap beer tower
  • Adequate and anxious interior with two attached shelves
  • Durable Stainless Steel and built to last body
  • A keg stand in the interior witha slide surface for easy kegwithdrawal and filling , helps to disperse the weight of the keg
  • You have an option of fixing the attached Co2 gas tank either inside the kegerator or at the rear
  • Dual gauge regulator with no added cost
  • Comes with a warranty and good customer support service


  • Advanced technology that allows you to easily adjust the temperature to a suitable degree that favors the beer in your keg
  • Large interior designed to accommodate three kegs and the Co2 gas tank inclusive without hindering the beer and gas line
  • The added keg stand helps to protect the kegerator floor from damages
  • Premium dual gauge regulator helps to properly carbonate your cold beer
  • Double faucets beer tower made from steel with a guard rail you cup sits on to prevent beer spillage
  • Very easy to assemble and setup
  • Sleek, smooth, stylish and attractive designed product
  • Very easy to mobilize with the help of casters when you have a party, the casters can be locked when you want it in a fixed position
  • Your choice of wanting it to be glued to the wall enables you to switch the Co2 gas tank to the interior


  • In-compatible gas can cause malfunction to occur
  • Hardware parts are not too to replace after damage
  • A developed fault could alter every other functions


Being realistic, the cold temperature effect of this KEGCO kegerator is a feature too rare in other products,  it has a range of 35-40°f and also with this, it still doesn’t consume much power. That means it saves energy and your cost.

With all these extraordinary features your beer is good for serving.  Why can’t you make a party when you have a KEGCO kegerator that can Even also serve as a refrigerator with the attached shelves.


Without exaggerating,  a perfect comparison to this KEGCO kegerator is a fully kitted cooling van. What makes it different from a cooling van if not for it’s size.

Who needs a cooling van when you can turn up with this super cooling machine  that helps you dispense beer without a stale taste.  Other brands aren’t too guaranteed to have this feature though they are adorably good products, but when it comes to master class,  KEGCO kegerator comes first and is extremely to none.

Permit me to be a legal advisor to you on this matter. It’s quality surety compared to others is just too above the standard , carefully built to last for you.  Who says you can’t enjoy the fullest of fun when you have the kegerator that is fully equipped to serve you right.


Most times it’s a lot hard to choose the kind of product that is best for you when you have lots of options but you really need to weigh up the pros and cons and here it is very obvious that facts don’t lie.

Based of the outstanding and interesting features and benefits listed above to help dispense your beer in your own customized way and manner, the still shows that you still have the best product that can serve your beer like a bartender and that indeed is what every one aiming to buy a kegerator wants in what they are buying.

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