Midea WHS-199BB1 Compact Single Door Kegaretor Review

For any beer lover or homebrewer, having a Kegerator is one of the most important things – not just to keep their beer fresh for a long time, but also to display their true passion for beer. There are many options of Kegerators one can choose from and one of them is Midea WHS-199BB1 Compact Single Door Kegerator. Well even though this unit is quite known, is it actually worth it?

This Kegerator claims that its compact nature is good enough to fulfill the needs of any beer lover. Obviously, a good Kegerator should always keep the beer fresh and non-foamy.

However, there are many Kegerators who claim to do the same and it is very confusing to figure out the best among them without actually testing them out. Consider the following pointers which tell you how to know which Kegerator brand has the best Kegerators and why the Midea WHS-199BB1 is better among them.

Midea WHS-199BB1 Compact Single Door Kegerator

Midea WHS-199BB1 Compact Kegerator was designed to give out a shiny look. Even if this Kegerator is placed in the corners of a heavily loaded house, it is bound to attract the eyes of the visitors.

However, there are many other features that can impress you, other than its shiny case.

The features that attract many people to buy this are the following:

  • It is widely famous for the tower it has, which is purely made of stainless steel
  • You can easily adjust the temperature range from 32 degrees to 53 degrees
  • There are two wired shelves included which make it useful as an occasional refrigerator
  • A drip tray that is removable can also be found with it
  • You can have an external Co2 tank attached to it

With amazing features, owning this product has its own pros:

  • It can be assembled very easily
  • Casters are easy to install for comfortable mobility
  • One can use it as an occasional refrigerator because of the two wired shelves
  • You can also install locking devices very easily
  • The Keg coupler fits almost every keg
  • The color is very shiny and adds a blaze to the place
  • The beer stays fresh and tastes just like you tapped it today even after a week
  • It is very quiet while working
  • An excellent product for a good budget

Although it is quite easy to assemble and it has many pros, it would be unfair to skip out the cons.

  • The Co2 cylinder comes empty, that means you have to get it filled
  • The case is not very strong, so a slightly hard bump can cause a crack or worse – it can break a part which will cause a lot more pain in fixing procedure
  • The keg coupler fits most of the kegs, except Coor Kegs

All in all, the pros overtake the cons. If you use it with just a little care, it can be a good friend for a long time. Media WHS-199BB1 Compact Single Door Kegerator is quiet, shiny and functions extremely well.

Temperature adjustments and the pressure adjustments are both easy. Your beer will stay clean and fresh even after the week of tapping it, if the right settings are placed.

Considering all this with the affordable price and trust of an experienced brand, I don’t see any reason to avoid this product.

You can keep it anywhere, your office, home, restaurant or anywhere you see it fit, and the healthy casters make it very easy to move around. If not satisfied, drag along the house every time you change your location.


When you finally start comparing this product with other products in the market, there is not much difference in the price. However, at the same price range the pros of Midea WHS-199BB1 are heavier than the other machines.

For example, let’s consider the product EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Beer Cooler. This product is also a Kegerator just like the Media WHS-199BB1.

It is designed for both personal and commercial use and has a nice display and the temperature can be as low as 30 degrees. It is considered one of the best in the market and falls under the same price range as Media WHS-199BB1 Compact Single Door Kegerator.

When comparing the features of both products, you can see that the features offered by Media WHS-199BB1 are more useful. Like the EdgeStar Kegerator can only work while freestanding as it ventilates from the side and the back.

In addition there are no ball log Keg connections included, which you will have to buy separately. However, the biggest drawback of the EdgeStar Kegerator is that it supports only ¼ and ½ sized Kegs and other kegs like Coors, Miller, rubberized and other oversized kegs are completely useless.

Overall, most Kegerators do keep the beer fresh and chilled. They work really well, but would need occasional attention to ensure its safe and proper working, while the Midea Kegerator is strong, durable and requires very little or no maintenance at all.

Following Up

You do need to put a lot of thought before selecting your final Kegerator. Kegerators are not cheap and if something happens to the one just bought, it would be a disaster to cover up.

Also, blindly going for the high priced ones is very risky – most of the high priced ones are high quality but have very limited features, which neither fits your budget nor your satisfaction.

With the low cost, low maintenance and high performance of the Midea WHS-199BB1 Compact Single Door Kegerator, it stands out with many plus points. The casters, the drip tray, the tower, regulator and all the other parts of this unit are polished and ready for use.

It is very quiet while working and you won’t even know if the switch is on or off. It is possible that this Kegerator will be still sitting at your place dispensing the same fresh and tasty beer when you are retired and old, reminding you of your younger days.

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