EdgeStar Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator Review

Kegerators are a boon for beer lovers. However, buying a freshly made Kegerator just doesn’t fit everyone’s budget. So the popular idea is to reconfigure an old refrigerator using a Kegerator conversion kit.

It works just like a new one and the cost cut downs are huge. All you need to have is an old refrigerator or you can buy a refrigerator made just for this job, like Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator.

You can even visit a nearby yard sale for an old refrigerator or browse the pages of the local classified to find an old refrigerator that can be converted into a Kegerator. Please note that old and used refrigerators suck a huge amount of power.

In the long run, you will find yourself wasting a lot more money than you think you will be saving now. Therefore, buying a new budget refrigerator and then converting it into a Kegerator is the best possible method.

Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator

Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator is small refrigerator specifically designed to be converted into a Kegerator. It is small, simple and useful and an amazing choice for homebrewers as you can simply use this unit to convert it in an all time working Kegerator or just replace the refrigerator unit of your old Kegerator.

This handy refrigerator unit features the following:

  • It can store a full sized Keg provided that it is not oversized, a slim quarter, a pony keg or two sixths
  • Controlling the temperature is easy and the temperature ranges from low 30s to 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It also has casters for easy mobility
  • Features a reversible door
  • There is a shelving included for refrigerator use
  • It is UL listed and also comes with a protective floor plate which ultimately increases durability


This tiny unit has enough features to satisfy any beer lover and therefore there are many pros of having this unit, including:

  • It does not require much space to fit in
  • The gas canister is placed outside the unit which is great because the gas doesn’t cool down
  • There is already a hole built on the top to fix the tower
  • Casters make it very easy to move it around
  • It is a silent machine and you can hardly hear any noise
  • Available at low cost
  • The low temperature settings can really chill the beer to its best taste
  • There is an added shelving which can be useful sometimes
  • Requires less or no maintenance at all
  • Completely power saving refrigerator
  • You can occasionally use it as a refrigerator


No matter how good this refrigerator unit from Edgestar is, it still has its cons.

  • The hole for the tower may not be exactly fitting for your tower, which might cause you a lot of pain as you have to build a collar just to fit your tower through that
  • In case you are using corny kegs the extra shelving will have to go as the corny kegs are tall and the shelving are in the way
  • It does not support the use of coors, millers or other rubberized kegs

The downside will affect you only if you are shifting your old equipment into this new unit. If you are building a fresh kegerator with all the equipment attached from the scratch, you will have more success.

However, the unfitting tower hole is just a minor setback, which can be easily solved with some logical reasoning. Also, at a very low cost, this might be just the thing you are looking for.

Most of the regular beer consumers have the wish of making Kegerator with DIY satisfaction. With this refrigerator made to suit the needs of a Kegerator, you can save a huge amount and also get the DIY satisfaction.

The affordable cost, high quality and Kegerator friendly design are the key features to why this product is an amazing choice.


If you logically think about what you need from a refrigerator that will be converted into a Kegerator, your most likely answer would be low temperature settings and enough space to fill in the amount of beer you need.

There are other products available in the market that offer the same features along with few other features and cross the budget line by hundreds. One such example can be taken from EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator Refrigerator Only.

This product is placed at a much higher price range than the Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator, just because the newer model of the same brand offers a little more features, like digital temperature settings and modern design.

It has canisters, extra shelving and is completely made of stainless steel. All of this can trick you into thinking that purchasing an expensive model is a better choice, but think before you make the judgment.

Factors like silent functioning, easy movement and extra shelving are all included in the Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator too. The digital interface that can set the temperature precisely is probably an upper hand, but the settings from 1 to 6 in low temp refrigerator are enough to satisfy anyone.


There is hardly any difference between the cheaper model, that is Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator, and the more expensive one.

Buying a budget refrigerator apt for converting it into a Kegerator is the main motive behind buying a small refrigerator after all. There is no point in spending five hundred dollars on something just to convert it into something else.

Moreover, if anything goes wrong in converting it, you will have a great loss, plus the extra expenses that you will have to spend on repairing it.

Therefore, it is better to go for the easy and simple version from Edgestar which has everything you will ever need in a refrigerator to become your Kegerator. Once you are done with converting it, you will realize how good of a decision this is.

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