Use a Kegerator the Right Way Will Keep Draft Beers Fresh

Lots of beer enthusiasts are often concerned with the taste and aroma of beer. People should know that the freshness of the beverage lessens as soon as the bottle or keg is packed at the manufacturing plant.

In time, the beer will lose its fresh taste bit by bit. The contents of an opened bottle of beer should be consumed as soon as possible so people will get to enjoy its full flavor. But how long does a beer last in a kegerator? We will discuss this inquiry further in this article.

Dispensing Your Draft Beer

The manner in which people usually dispense their beers has an effect on its freshness. Draft beers are usually dispensed in two common methods; the manual keg pump method and the CO2 kegerator method.

The manual keg pump is fastened on top of the keg. It is also referred to as the bronco pump or the party pump, due to it being a common sight at parties. This kind of pump operates by pumping air inside the keg in order to pressurize it and dispense beer.

However, it has its disadvantages. This kind of pump can fall prey to over-pumping and dispensing beer with excess foam. It can also decrease the shelf life of the beer significantly due to the fact that it makes use of oxygen to pressurize the keg. Oxygen is bad for beers since it leads to a stale or a faster change in flavor.

In general, the flavor of beers dispensed through this method lasts for roughly 8 hours. However, it will still depend on the kind of beer and the amount of oxygen that was pumped inside.

How long does a beer last in a kegerator with CO2? Compared to the manual pump method, a CO2-based kegerator draft beer that was kept in this unit will remain fresher for an extended period of time. This is due to the fact that the keg stays pressurized and prevents oxidation. Because of this set-up, the beer can stay fresh for a number of months.

However, the period will really be based on the kind of beer kept. If the keg holds pasteurized beer, it will mostly likely remain fresh for up to 3 months. It can even last up to 6 months if the contents were stored at appropriate temperatures.

If the beer is not the pasteurized kind, it will not remain fresh that long even if you have maintained correct temperature levels. For the non-pasteurized kind, expect it to last for at least 2 months before it gets stale. You will know if the beer is pasteurized by contacting the brewery or the distributor. You can also look for information about it online.

Temperature Settings

What is the correct temperature for storing kegs then? Well, this will be based on the kind of beer you drink. Personal preference is also a huge factor. The suggested temperature for the storage and serving of chilled draft beer lies between the ranges of 30-40 degrees F. It must be remembered that beer freezes at 27 degrees while lighter ones freeze at temperatures as high as 31 degrees.

The temperatures mentioned is based on whether the beverage is local or the imported. This also rings true whether the beer is pasteurized or not. Beers kept between higher temperatures like 30 degrees and the mid-40’s will be capable of maintaining the carbonation level that was produced over the course of the brewing procedure.

In hotter weather, you might need to modify the temperature to a cooler setting. To monitor the liquid temperature of the draft beer inside, you can make use of a beer thermometer. The thermometer will give an exact reading of the liquid temp inside the unit.

In case you want to throw a party outside the house, you should always use a kegerator designed for outdoor use. Using a unit that is only meant to be utilized indoors strains the compressor of the kegerator. It can shorten its lifespan and will not be rendered capable to chill beer at recommended temperatures.

The majority of indoor kegerators operate at their optimal best in mid-70 degrees F or room-temperature settings. For conditions that have temperatures over 85 degrees F or under 50 degrees F, a unit that is meant for outdoor use is suggested.

All in all, how long does a beer last in a kegerator? As explained above, it will depend on how you dispense the beer and what kind of beer was kept inside the keg.

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