Nostalgia KRS2100 Kegorator Review

The Nostalgia KRS2100 kegerator is a hot item on the market today. The product comes with various functions that are jaw-dropping so that you can always feel pleased with your beer. Depending on the keg you buy, your beer can sometimes taste different and may even turn you off.

However, with the Nostalgia KRS2100 kegerator, you need not worry because your beer will be brewed to the finest and richest tasting alcoholic liquid you have ever encountered. In no time you will start appreciating your cooler beer friend the Nostalgia and you can enjoy your brew anytime of the day.

Having such a device at home or at your business place will make you feel right at home with it and you need not worry about getting bad tasting beer because it is made to please you in every way.

With your kegerator safely in your house doing its thing, you can invite other family members and friends over anytime for a tall cool glass of beer. In no time you will develop the reputation of having the best tasting beer in town and it is all because of your dependable Nostalgia kegerator.


The features of the Nostalgia KRS2100 kegerator are not to be taken lightly. It comes with an array of functions that makes you want to love it. Its color is in black design and you can expect to get your beer always tasting fresh and to the point, which is the exact way freshly brewed beer is supposed to taste.

You would not want to miss any of the features that this home or office apparatus has to offer and you just cannot do without its freshly brewed beer. Therefore, check out these features and you will see why you cannot afford to let this buy slide by you.

  • Holding capacity: 1 full sized half-keg or 2 kegs weighing 5 gallons
  • Guard rail to hold the drinking glasses
  • Easily portable
  • Comes in black finish so it can blend in with any room inside your house
  • 4 rolling casters at the bottom so you can easily move it around
  • CO2 canister
  • Refrigerated cabinet
  • 120 V/60 HZ
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Dimensions: 32.10” H x 26.20: W x 20.30 “ D


The KRS2100 is a must have if you want to move up into the big league because it has some of the features you have always wanted to see in a kegerator.

Some awesome functions of this product are its sleek black modern designed cabinet that makes it stand out in any room and in front of any background. Its large cabinet will hold the right amount of beer to keep you going so that you will never get bored during your day. It is a hands-on experience you do ever not want to miss.

In addition, it is the perfect product to keep your party going and keeping the fun running longer. This product is affordable and maintaining it will be easy on your wallet. Without a doubt, you will have your friends eating out of your hands in no time because of your association with Nostalgia.


  • The product is affordable
  • Looks nice anywhere in the home
  • Regulator is a double meter
  • Mobility good because of its 4 casters wheels


  • 90 days short warranty
  • Not good for fitting certain large kegs like Cors kegs
  • Buyer can only gets it with a 2.5 lbs tank
  • No energy efficiency rebates


When compared with two other kegs, KRS stands on its own. The two kegs we compared the item with are EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Kegco. Still, there may be some differences with features but not by far.

The three kegs does the same job well but for the record Nostalgia is preferred more as a modern day beer brewing refrigerator that will keep your beer always tasting great.

EdgeStar Full Size Keg

The EdgeStar Full Size keg can hold its own but still comes up a little way short of the Nostalgia beer refrigerator. The dimensions of the EdgeStar are 48 1/2 x 20 1/10 x 24 13/16 while the Nos is standing at 32.10” x 26.20 x 20.30, which makes it a smaller item to handle. Still, for some people, they prefer the smallness because they can move it around easier.

EdgeStar weighs in at 18.6 pounds and Nos weight is 80 lbs. if you prefer handling something bigger to make you feel in control then Nostalgia can become the love of your life.


Kegco is a beer refrigerator that most people love to have around the house. It stands out well because of its bigger size and like the Nos can go with any room in the house.

Its larger interior makes it able to hold more beer so you and your friends can continue having a ball all night long. Unlike the Nostalgia, Kegco has locks stationed at the casters so it can stay in one place where you want it to be. Its measurement is 33” H x 23.11/16” W x 23.15/16 D, which gives it the bigger size edge to Nostalgia.


For the most part, Nostalgia KRS2100 is a convenient item to have around the house because you can entertain yourself and visitors anytime you want to. It is fine-tuned enough to support your drinking lifestyle so that you can never go thirsty during the days you are at home.

It is a fine addition to the home and you can have it as an added entertainment for stop over friends. Therefore, say goodbye to traditional beer containers and say hello to your new drinking buddy, which is the home bar counter KRS because it deserves to make mention of since it is in a class all by itself.

This home beer helper has all the commodities to benefit your living quarters and you can pass on the advantages to friends. Therefore, instead of going out drinking with the boys and gals, why not invite them home to meet your new drinking companion the Nostalgia KRS.

Without a doubt they too will fall in love with your keg and you might just find their visits to your home getting more frequent. The benefits of owning a Nos kegerator are numerous and your days will me merrier. So let the party begins.

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