Midea’s WHS-199BSS1 Compact Single Door Kegerator Review

Purchasing cases of beer and six-packs for a party can be very expensive. It is also inconvenient having them at home because it adds to the clutter. If you love having a beer while relaxing at home, you should consider investing in a kegerator.

The kegerator is a device that is designed to store draft beer and maintain its optimal freshness and temperature for a better beer experience.

The unit comes in a single tap and dual tap. This is a very practical device for all beer enthusiasts. Due to its size, it will not take up valuable space in your home. Do you need references for kegerator selections? Begin your search with a review of Midea’s WHS-199BSS1 Compact Single Door Kegerator.


  • Includes smooth black beer tower with chrome trim
  • Can be converted into refrigerator
  • Has striking black cabinet and stainless steel door
  • Includes detachable drip tray to gather spills
  • Includes two wire shelves
  • Measures 28 inches x 35 inches x 23 inches


For people who are wondering about the purpose of a kegerator, this is a unit designed to hide your draft beer kegs and keep them at a recommended temperature to maintain the freshness and coldness of the beer.

We all know that lukewarm beer is unappetizing and this can be a huge problem especially when we are entertaining guests at home. Because of this, companies have devised a way to solve the warm beer problem by making a kegerator. The kegerator is a unit that pretty much looks like a refrigerator but has valves, tubes, and taps for the beer.

A unit like Midea’s WHS-199BSS1 Compact Single Door Kegerator will prove to be convenient for individuals who love organizing parties and entertaining friends and family. You can find kegerators in a wide variety of sizes, depending on our needs.

The WHS-199BSS1 is a single reversible-door model that can accommodate up to a full-size keg. It measures 24.8 x 20.1 x 33.7 inches and has a weight of 81.6 pounds.

It also features a sleek design and includes a black tower with chrome trim which gives the unit a modern touch. The black cabinet comes with a stainless steel door finish and it can easily blend in with modern interiors.

This is a distinctive model with a hidden door handle. It comes with excellent cooling and it helps maintain the beer at an optimal temperature.

The unit can also be converted into a 4.9 cubic foot fridge and includes all of the needed hardware that is specified for the assembly. This includes an empty carbon dioxide canister. The model is also pretty easy to set up and has a durable, sturdy feel.

The package comes with a removable drip tray as well. This kegerator can be cleaned and maintained easily and it has castors so you can move the unit from any point in your house or apartment. It comes with a full 1-year warranty with a 2-year warranty on the compressor.

This unit has a good capacity for it can accommodate a full-size keg. It has a striking design due to its stainless steel finish and black cabinet. It comes with all the required components to convert it into a refrigerator. It has nice castor wheels for better mobility and it can be set up quickly.

As soon as everything is ready, fill up the CO2 canister and mount the keg. You can get that party going or have some “me-time” with a good movie and a cold beer right away.


One of the setbacks of the WHS-199BSS1 is that it makes a loud noise. This noise can be distracting to people. The tower has had some minor issues with cooling. The same can be about the pressure regulator which can have an impact on the quality of the draft beer. The unit might also provide users a few cups or mugs of foamy beers in its initial operation.


The Midea WHS-199BSS1 Compact Single Door Kegerator is a good option for such a device and it has a range of features that did well at a price you can afford. It can be assembled easily, has a decent storage capacity and it will satisfy the simple needs of the average beer lover.

It can also be turned into a fridge if you like. But it does have some minor setbacks like the noise and some component issues. If you can manage those issues and have a high tolerance for machine noises, the WHS-199BSS1 is a good deal.

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