Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator Review

The kegerator is a nice addition to any party. An outdoor model makes for fun times during summer gatherings and barbecues while an indoor model will satisfy your need for a refreshing pint inside. This device is a great investment for the true beer lover.

Regardless of the kind of beer you are into, whether you love those old reliable Buds and those newfangled craft beers, a kegerator will satisfy your needs for a pint in the privacy of your own home. You will save up on $$$ when it comes to the cases you usually purchase and you will have a beer at the right temperature.

Want kegerator options? Begin your search by reading a review on Keggermeister’s KM2800BK Kegerator.


  • Has single tap kind beer dispenser
  • Allows beer to stay fresh for up to 3 months
  • Has semi-glossy black beer tower finish with black and chrome spout
  • Spout can take in a selection of mug and glass sizes
  • Has protective chrome guardrail
  • Has durable and sturdy counter-style top
  • Includes 4 sturdy casters for easy mobility
  • Includes empty 2.5 lb. CO2 tank which can supply carbon dioxide for up to 4-gallon kegs
  • Has dual gauge CO2 regulator that keeps track of PSI and displays the amount of CO2 in the tank
  • Includes adjustable temperature control


Keggermeister’s KM2800BK model includes a single tap draft beer dispenser that maintains the freshness of the beer for up to 3 months. The entire model has a semi-glossy black finish with a black and chrome spout. The spout can take in a variety of mugs and glasses.

It comes with a chrome guardrail that safeguards accessories on its counter-style top. A good thing about this model is that it allows easy mobility due to the presence of castors. You can move the kegerator in any spot you want.

The unit comes with an empty CO2 tank which can supply a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide for up to 4-gallon kegs.

It includes a dual gauge CO2 regulator that keeps track of the PSI and displays the amount of CO2 contained in the tank. It has an adjustable temperature control option which allows users to keep their beers at the desired temperature.

Another notable thing about the model is that it offers excellent value for your money. It maintains the beer at the desired temperature and keeps it fresh for a longer period.

Just remember to keep track of the instructions and allow it to settle for a while prior to using the unit. Let it sit for a good 24 hours before a party or having a pint at home and you can be sure that it will work as it is supposed to.

The unit arrives in layers of cardboard and cushioning which prevents any likelihood of damage over the course of transporting the appliance.

The majority of kegerators are only safeguarded by Styrofoam supports on their corners and does not have sufficient protection on its sides. The company though has guaranteed that the kegerator will be transported to your home without any damage.

The KM2800BK comes with a dual pressure gauge regulator and spare parts, which makes for easier repairs when required.

One of the usual issues that concern kegerators is that the replacement parts of the unit can be hard to come by. This means you must deal with the parts being shipped plus pay for shipping charges. The included spare parts will be handy in case any parts need to be changed.


In its first run, the beer that it will churn out will be foamy. Users have to first set the quantity of pressure themselves in order to determine their desired level of foaminess in the beer. It is best if you fiddle with the unit and look for the correct ratio.

Some might have issues with the tap being a bit bent however it still did its job excellently. If its appearance concerns you, you can adjust the way it was fastened to make it straighter. The KM2800BK’s tower will not rotate and lock as well if the rubber gasket is being used.


The Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator proved to be an excellent purchase. This is a nice kegerator with top notch quality for the price offered. It includes all the essentials and each feature/function worked effectively.

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