Edgestar’s Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser Review

Kegerators are now a part of every beer-loving enthusiast’s home. Due to the convenience they bring, many have opted to invest in a kegerator instead of buying cases of beer.

Apart from saving money on those items, the kegerator is designed to keep your beers fresh longer and it also maintains the recommended temperature for better beer quality.

So, if you consider yourself an authentic beer enthusiast who continuously indulges in the goodness of craft and draft beers, consider having a kegerator around. Here is a review of Edgestar’s Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser.


  • Can accommodate items like half-shell kegs, two 2/6 regular Cornelius kegs and Sankey regular kegs
  • Includes own aluminum CO2 canister
  • Built with chrome beer tower
  • Includes easy-to-understand instructions for assembly
  • Includes protective floor plate
  • Has easy-to-understand pressure gauge
  • Comes with rolling casters for better mobility
  • Majority of parts are NSF-approved
  • All parts made in the USA
  • Weighs 81.6 lbs.
  • Measures 48.5 x 20.1 x 24.8
  • Has 105 wattage


The Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser from Edgestar has made lots of customers happy. It comes in a sleek black color with a stunning façade plus dual taps. It has a chrome metal wire safety railing which surrounds the three sides of the kegerator’s top.

The railing aids in securing any glassware from slipping off the unit. It also includes rolling casters for better mobility. You can move the unit around without any hassles.

The unit also includes a stainless steel dual faucet situated on top plus a drip tray below to catch any draft beer that may have been trickling down. The CO2 canister can be fastened and installed through internal or external means based on the space specifications.

The model also comes with all needed components for a draft beer system—it contains the beer tower, handles, hoses, and faucets. All you need is at your disposal to keep your draft beer assembly up and running.

One of the best things about this EdgeStar model is its high-quality construction. None of the parts have a flimsy or cheap feel. You can tell that the components were made using high US standards. It is also great to know that the parts were approved by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation.)

Setting the entire draft beer system up took around 30 minutes to an hour. The period taken to accomplish this procedure will be based on your knowledge. It does not require lots of tools to set up. You only need a wrench and a screwdriver to do the job.

To make sure that the unit performs solidly and without leaking, be sure that all the connections were attached firmly. You can also refer to the instructional videos made by the company for faster assembly.

The unit includes two taps so you can serve two beers at once. It can reach low 30s temperature settings and it can serve as a refrigerator as well if you prefer. The kegerator also includes a CO2 tank with an easy-to-understand pressure gauge.


The Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator indeed has its advantages but there were also a few drawbacks. For one, the device can get noisy. The thermostat also needs plenty of adjustments prior to achieving the ideal temperature setting.

The instruction manual included displayed steps for setting up a single tap kegerator so for beginners, this can be a tricky process. Just refer to the online instruction and videos supplied by the company. The model cannot accommodate rubberized kegs and barrels from Coors and Miller too.


When it comes to kegerators, the EdgeStar Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser is still a decent buy. It has nice features, particularly the two-tap functionality. The setbacks can be dealt with provided you are willing to exert a bit of effort.

Some might find the noise of the unit unappealing and distracting though. In this case, you must find one that will emit less noise. But if you can tolerate the noise, this is still a good option. The assembly issues can be solved by just referring to the instructional videos made available by the company.

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